Harvest House Programs

Over 2,200 men have been through the doors of Harvest House since we began operation in 1979. Our founders saw the need for a different approach to rehabilitating alcohol and drug addicts. Over the past 25 years, the program has grown and become one of the few long-term residential rehab centers in Canada. Harvest House is one of only two rehab centres in Canada that is registered with Therapeutic Communities of America.

At Harvest House, we know that getting sober is not enough. We provide a therapeutic community where all aspects of the person are rehabilitated, not just the alcohol and drug use. We employ a holistic, five element approach, which incorporates the mental, physical, social and spiritual needs of a person, along with a skills development program. The 24 month program provides residents with professional and peer support 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. Opportunities to develop skills are found for every resident.

This model of rehab vastly improves the chances for success for our residents. Many of the people who come to Harvest House have not found success in other rehab programs. Many have histories of relapse and resisting rehab. Unlike some rehab programs, we accept men who may be difficult to work with because of past failures or limited motivation. Often these individuals have histories of criminal activity, imprisonment, unemployment and dysfunctional family upbringing. We deal with difficult cases.

Once residents have been stabilized and the addiction is under control, they need to be employable in order to continue their success and to build the self-esteem needed for reintegration to society. Our skills development program is integral to the road to recovery, offering opportunities to further their education, develop work ethics and become responsible for one’s own economic well being.

Each resident is assessed to determine his interests, aptitude and skill level. Every effort is made in order to accommodate individual goals and or areas of interest. Education and hands-on-training are offered to the residents while they are still within their community of support. Skills and training are available in a variety of areas, including: sales and marketing, computer technology, creative arts, food management, property management, office administration, and production and manufacturing. All skills developed through the program are in compliance with the standards set by the Conference Board of Canada in cooperation with employers.

An after-care program was developed in 1985 to fill the need for housing and further support as residents graduate from the program. Five homes are currently in operation, with up to five graduates in each home. This program adds to the success of Harvest House, expanding the community of support and providing positive role models for residents of the program.