Harvest House is a not for profit organization that does not receive any government funding making fundraising the life line of our successful treatment program. Founded in 1979, Harvest House has seen thousands of men make it their home as well as offer residents the opportunity to learn important life and work skills. This is done through our skills development program which sees our residents and graduates speak with our many donors and supporters who have decided to support Harvest house and help them through their journey. Due to this program, our residents ensure that Harvest House is there to save lives and the skills learned as well as the experience in working in a structured environment set our residents up for success in facing future challenges.

Card Campaign
Established in 2002

For only $20 you, our donors, can purchase greeting cards and receive a charitable tax receipt knowing that this contribution is helping to save lives one day at a time! We have many different styles and themes to our greeting cards, ranging from the beauty of Ottawa to a relaxing countryside theme. Every set of cards contains six unique cards that can be used for a variety of occasions such as a thank you card or as a birthday card, the possibilities are endless. Our Card campaign generally runs from January until April but our cards are available for purchase all year round in our online store. We have cards designed by our own in house graphic designer as well as ones made from photographs taken by residents, friends, and supporters of Harvest House.

The Card Campaign not only raises much-needed funds for our treatment centre but also gives residents the work skills and sales training needed to be successful in the future. Every aspect of the design, production, printing and packaging of the cards is completed in our print shop with the help from our residents and graduates. If you do receive a call, please remember that the caller is not a professional; he is someone who has made a sincere commitment to change his life and that can only be achieved with your help.

Calendar Campaign
Established in 1995

The Harvest House Calendar Campaign is the longest running and most successful of our fundraising campaigns. This campaign started over fifteen years ago with residents knocking on doors in the local community.  We are proud to say that from this small campaign we have developed a large number of loyal and committed supporters who continue to make a positive impact in our residents’ lives. For $35, you receive a beautiful 12” x 24” calendar of your choosing as well as a $30 charitable tax receipt.  In addition, we also sell calendar holders made in house by the men in the program for $45 plus tax or receive one free of charge when you purchase 6 or more calendars.

Like our Card Campaign, it is the residents who help to raise the funds for their own treatment here at Harvest House.  If you do receive a call, please remember that he is not a paid professional. These men are learning important life and work skills while also making a difference in their lives and that can only be achieved with your help.

Recovery Cup Softball Tournament
Established in 1987

Centennial Park in Manotick has been the home of our annual Recovery Cup Softball Tournament for many years. Over the years, this tournament has brought together members of the Ottawa community and law enforcement with the young men in recovery at Harvest House in a spirit of friendly competition through softball. Teams from Harvest House (the Underdogs and the Overcomers) compete against teams from the RCMP, Fire Department, Ottawa Police Service, and many more
Best of all, 100% of all the money raised in ticket sales for this event is channeled back into our programs!
Tickets for this event are only $25 with a full charitable tax receipt.