Welcome to Harvest House

Located in a rural setting, Harvest House is in the greenbelt of Ottawa South, at 3435 Ramsayville Road. The success of the residents of Harvest House is in part due to our rural location and distance from their former lifestyles in the city.

Harvest House adheres to an abstinence philosophy, including no smoking.

Thousands of men have come through the doors of Harvest House hoping for a new start. When people care enough to help, you are given the strength to overcome any obstacle. Harvest House is a place where people care.

Harvest House serves young men between the ages of 16 and 30, many of whom have been unsuccessful with other treatment programs. Harvest House does not turn away those who have histories of relapse, criminal activity or imprisonment.

Harvest House Mission

The Mission of Harvest House Ministries is to rehabilitate young men who are chemically dependent, to instill in them self-discipline, and to reintegrate them into society by an inner change brought about by faith in Jesus Christ.