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Summer kicks off with our 9th Annual Redemption Run
on Saturday, June 10th!

The run offers 5k, 11k and 21k options, so sign up here and start fundraising today!
Our sponsorship is now SOLD OUT.
We look forward to seeing you out on race day!

Fundraising Activities

2017 Card Campaign
Replenish your card supply now during our 2017 Card Campaign! Choose from a wide variety of cards suitable for any occasion, including our new packs that showcase the beauty of the Ottawa-Gatineau area. A 6 pack of cards is only $20, including a $15 tax receipt!
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As the Ottawa community grapples with new and potent drugs entering our youth community, the residents of Harvest House are eager to share with young people the dangers of addiction. Our VIP program involves residents sharing their own personal experience with drugs and alcohol in classrooms across the Ottawa area. The residents talk to young students about the mistakes they made and the consequences of their poor choices, which allows youth to have a better understanding of the risks of drug use. To enquire about having the VIP program in your school, contact Lucie Buglar at 613-521-9114 or

Welcome to Harvest House Ministries - Charitable Registration No. 132517269RR0001

Harvest House was incorporated in 1979 and has seen over 2,200 men come through the doors since our inception. The founder of Harvest House saw the need for a different approach to rehabilitating alcohol and drug addicts. Over the past 35 years the program has grown and become one of the only Therapeutic Communities in Canada.

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